The PG-URE estimator is a statistical tool that can be used to assess the performance of image denoising algorithms in presence of mixed Poisson-Gaussian noise. It was introduced in the following publication: Yoann Le Montagner, Elsa Angelini, and Jean-Christophe Olivo-Marin, … Continue reading

Cellular Shape & Motility

Keywords: 3D biological imaging, multiple cell tracking, active contours Summary: Elucidating the mechanisms of cell deformation and motility is a topic of major interest in cell biology, for they are strongly involved in cell development, immune responses, cancer and infectious … Continue reading

Multiple spot tracking in 3D+t microscopy

We have developed a method to perform the detection and the tracking of microscopic spots directly on four dimensional (3D+t) image data. It extends our previous work by being able to detect with high accuracy multiple biological objects moving in … Continue reading

Color image analysis in histology

To characterize histopathological images stained by different colorations, we have developed a system to analyse color images. Images are segmented by a split and merge approach and by color quantization, to reduce color classes. We have also defined a criterion to choose the best color space. This method has been … Continue reading

Spot analysis in immunofluorescence images

Automatic quantification of immunofluorescence images relies either on the detection and counting of spots superimposed on biological structures, usually immersed in a non-uniform background, or on the outlining of larger cellular compartments. We have developed methods for spot detection and characterization that … Continue reading