The PG-URE estimator is a statistical tool that can be used to assess the performance of image denoising algorithms in presence of mixed Poisson-Gaussian noise. It was introduced in the following publication:

Yoann Le Montagner, Elsa Angelini, and Jean-Christophe Olivo-Marin, An unbiased risk estimator for image denoising in the presence of mixed Poisson-Gaussian noise, IEEE Transactions on Image Processing 23(3), pp. 1255–1268, 2014.

This article is freely available on IEEE Xplore (Open Access paper).

Matlab code

In the spirit of reproducible research, the Matlab code and the data used to generate the results presented in this publication is provided here: [ZIP].

A “README” file is provided, which gives a brief description of the package content and of the installation procedure. In particular, to work properly, this package requires:

All publications describing research work using this code must cite the publication mentioned above.


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